About us

John BV is a global supplier of wood for all types of marine applications. We are established in Amsterdam's harbour area and deliver many types of wood for the maritime sector directly from our warehouse. We can always deliver quickly because we keep many types of wood in stock.

Since 1947

John BV was established in 1947. The company provides a high level of expertise; we can deliver exactly the type of wood you're looking for. As a traditional carpenter/contractor, we built up our expertise through craftsmanship, hard work and quality control. John BV quickly became known for its expertise and quality work in the Amsterdam docks, where large reefers were shipped for maintenance. In time, John BV started its expansion as a ship maintenance contractor. The company transitioned from freight carriers to refrigerated vessels by delivering floors, wall panels and ceilings using its patented EuroGratings. Today, John BV delivers a broad range of wood for all marine applications. EuroGratings and EuroLinings, of course, but also solid wood products (hardwood and softwood), marine plywood and panels - both standard bulk quantities of such wood types as popular, beech and okoumé, and special sandwich panels.

John BV is a true family business. These days, the company is managed by a third consecutive generation of family members.


Toetsenbordweg 57-59
1033 MZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Postbus 37009
1030 AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands


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