Euro Gratings and linings


EuroGratings from John BV are of European quality, the world's best. Need special compositions or dimensions? - you can get it all from us.
All of our wooden gratings are adequately preserved. They are given various coatings and can therefore stand up to even the heaviest conditions of use. At your request, they can be finished with an anti-slip treatment.


Our EuroLinings are as strong as necessary and as light as possible. Here, too, you'll find a great selection of wood types and qualities. At John BV, the emphasis is on linings for maritime applications.


EuroLinings are for walls and ceilings in refrigerated ships, in cold stores, in trucks, in the trailers...

The structure of the panels is such that they can face very demanding climatic and mechanical conditions. The panels are coated with epoxy paint, which is elastically material, resistant to the effects of the temperatures oscillation, resistant to the moisture, resistant to the effects of acids, bases and oils, resistant to the use and strokes, it can be cleaned and it's durable. The panels can be worked on the tongue and groove. They are protected with a coat. All the properties give to the panels the characteristic of the high quality product which comply with the requested demands.


  • Raw material: Water resistant birch/beech plywood
  • Gluing: Exterior
  • Sizes:
    1250 x 2500 mm, other sizes on request
  • Thickness: 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 mm and other on request

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