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Various types of hardwood have demonstrated their qualities for marine use. Here you will find the different available products to order. Any order can be delivered within 48 hours worldwide, no matter the size or the specifics. John BV is a high quality hardwood supplier who delivers products of European standard for low prices. With over 65 years of experience in supplying major maritime transport, we know what a seagoing ship needs.

A hardwood supplier who knows what you need

All hardwood panels are sanded and can be used natural or oiled. They function perfectly as tables, worktops or stairs. Choose the sturdy Bamboo John & Young PLYBOO ABC for your decking of the bridge. Or choose a solid wood panel made of beech or oak. We are a hardwood supplier who offers high European quality products with a very quick turnaround.

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Our hardwood is the best a supplier can offer. View our catalogue for specifications or inquire about the various possibilities. You can contact us on +3120-6330320 or fill in a quotation form to get a quote as quickly as possible. We are more than happy to help and give you advice on what products best suit your application.

Solid wood panel oak

Oak solid wood panel, fingerjointed

This solid wood panels are used for workbenches, tables, worktops, countertops, stairs, etc....

Panels are sanded and can be natural or oiled.


  • Raw material: Oak
  • Quality: A/B, B/C
  • Sizes:
    On request, maximum size 5200 mm lenght x 1250 mm width
  • Thickness: 18 till 45 mm

Tags: Plywood, Solid wood, Workbenches, Eiken, Oak


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